Friday, December 9, 2011

Le Web Paris 2011 a start point for the new Europe.

Paris, December 9th 2011. Today the conference Le Web Paris II ( has finished. It was one of the most important Information Technology events in the last time in Europe. Paradoxically and in parallel Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy were trying to save the Euro and Europe in Brussels from the worst financial crisis in it’s recently history.
Well, at least these computers geeks know what’s cooking and what will be the next technology wave. All the interesting applications are going to be some combination of Social, Mobile and Local. Social, because we spend our time in a social world. Mobile because mobile first is the answer to almost every question now. And local, because we live in a local context.
The next big thing will be the model “App Internet”, in which, powerful local devices (PCs, smart phones, tablets) run applications that simultaneously take advantage of resources in the Web/Cloud as do iPhone and Android applications, and the old models “Microsoft model” and “Web/Cloud Model” are not appropriate anymore. The “Microsoft Model” where local personal computers do most of the work. The second model is the Web/Cloud model, in which most of the work happens on remote servers.  … The Microsoft Model fails to leverage the economies of scale in the Cloud; Web/Cloud fail to leverage the exponential growth in the power of local storage and processors.
Google will need to address the challenge that the information in the App Internet is not easily searchable, Microsoft will remain focused on the device-centric Office strategy and Apple will continue its cruise. While some players in the Software-as-a-Service market might get “slaughtered”, Newcomers such as Flipboard will boom.
Beyond the conclusions of this event, it is good to know that there are some people who are not waiting for the politicians to solve their lives and get us out of the crisis. Perhaps, entrepreneur’s mentality, investments in research, development and science could be the solution. The competition is needed and it is good. It will help us to change and improve this world.  Microsoft vs Apple, iOS vs Android, Silicon Valley vs China. Ups... Where is Europe in the tech world leading by the USA and Asia? This conference in Paris could be a good beginning. By the way, “entrepreneurs” is a word of French origin, so this conference could be the start point to set up the new Europe wanted by Merkel and Sarkozy. Is Europe ready for this wave?
Eric Schmidt's interview at Le Web Paris 2011

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